GPIP Case Study Review

With the GPIP programme already being welcomed by practices across the UK, Case Studies of their experiences and results have been developed to reflect the sustainable changes the programme has made.

With the introduction of GPIP to a large, urban, multi-site practice with a 20000+ list size, we were able to introduce complex Workforce Planning to create and reform the correct planning of staff at year, month and day level. After all, it is not good having the best staff in world if they are not in at the right times.

Prior to GPIP’s arrival, the staff at the practice were feeling under pressure on delivering their services. Working days felt very, very busy with staff having to work late to catch up as clinics overran.

The senior team felt that they had to do something to alleviate the pressure and that the way they organised their team was one area to look at. After the introduction of just one of five GPIPs unique programme steps; Workforce Planning, the practice were able to see vast sustainable improvements across the whole organisation.

It has already highlighted further pinch points for the coming year – so that we can now do something about it before they happen. 

- Practice Manager

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GPIP to be showcased at live healthcare events

If you've already heard about GPIP or even if you haven’t; you might be interested to meet the people behind it, the practice’s that have done it, and understand the results already achieved.

This autumn the GPIP programme; which aims to create head space for practices working their way through current and future pressures, will be working closely with Management in Practice at their esteemed London 2014 event as well as appearing on Commissioning Live’s Manchester programme.

The GPIP programme will be the first of its kind to appear at the event and the GPIP team will be taking to the stage to inform members of the commitment it has to creating sustainable change and empowering individuals. 

We are excited to be launching GPIP through such credible esteemed healthcare events and are passionate that our fast, practical improvement programme can deliver positive results to the General Practices across the UK.

                 Please click the images to find out further information and we look forward to seeing you there!