About the GPIP team


The GPIP team share a passion for primary care and improvement. 

We worked on many large scale quality and productivity programmes in the UK and internationally. Members of the team have been central to the concept development and proof of concept for the ground breaking NHS Productive Series of improvement programmes – including Productive General Practice.

Productive Practice Improvement


the General Practice Improvement Programme is a joint venture

between KM&T and wdid


About KM&T (Knowledge Management and Transfer)


KM&T is an organisation specialising in helping organisations to improve through the utilisation and implementation of proven improvement methodologies. KM&T have experience working with over 300 General Practices of delivering over 50 NHS change programmes across Acute, Primary and Mental Health Trusts, including many whole organisation change programmes.

KM&T have a long standing history of working within primary care and collaborated with the NHSI on the development, testing and implementation of Productive General Practice programme as well as the ‘Productive Series’, including design and testing of the ground breaking Productive Ward.



About wdid (Ward Downham Improvement Design)


Formed by two ex NHS improvement experts, wdid specialises in turning organisational priorities into improvements, using the latest patient / public experience, quality and productivity techniques. 

Wdid are passionate about the public sector, passionate about improvement and believe strongly in the NHS. They live and breathe the NHS and have a big heart.