Support visits

The on-site support is practical and focused on making changes and improvements there and then. Each short visit (half day maximum – after all, you still have the day job to do!) is structured around the GPIP Brief, Simulate, Do cycle. 


Working with a small number of staff, brief in the techniques to be used during the visit. 


Practice the new techniques in a safe environment to build confidence and understand any potential issues. 


Implement the changes. There and then, with the support of the expert GPIP facilitator. 

The visits are carefully planned out with a practice upfront, right down to the number and type of staff required and for how long during each visit. This means the short visits can be planned for in good time. 

With the GPIP programme the whole office team came in and spent a lot of time with the facilitator to understand why we needed to do changes, why it was important and what we were looking to do. From being fairly cynical, some of them have actually really enjoyed seeing the difference they have made to their Workplace.
 - Practice Manager
The fact that someone external has come in, and we have given them time to understand their processes, means that are owning it a lot more. The fact that the facilitation is external means they (the team) are more open to change. It is a feeling of being valued.
- Practice Manager
The Facilitation has been very good.
                                                                                                                                                                                              - GP Partner

Ensuring knowledge transfer

To support knowledge transfer and building of the capability within practice teams, workbooks in each of the work areas are supplied to each practice.

These high quality workbooks provide supplementary and supporting guidance to complement the support provided by the expert GPIP facilitator during the support visit.

The GPIP team have been awesome. They have offered advice and have been supportive every step of the way. I can't fault the support.
- Practice Manager